White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Submitted by Meghan D. from Philadelphia, PA -


So about two years ago I saw an off broadway show called “White rabbit red rabbit.” It’s apparently a very secretive show so I can’t say a whole lot about it. What I can say doesn’t give the essence away.

It’s a one person show and it was only performed on Monday nights, I forgot the theatre but it was really small and use to be a church! They get a different celebrity every show to do it, but the actor doesn’t get the script until they get on stage. So, they are basically cold reading the entire act.

When I went it was Ramin Karimloo. My best friend and I (who went with me to the show) are huge fans of his!

The show is split up into different little skits and it was big into pulling the audience up on stage. Well, I got pulled up on stage!

Long story short, the other people who were pulled up on stage with me and myself were all rabbits and when he said "go" we were suppose to go for the “carrot” he put on top of this ladder. The one who got it would be the red rabbit.

I was standing far stage right and the ladder was far stage left, so I thought to myself, “when he say go, just stay here.” The thing is tho he took awhile to say it but what he kept saying is, “whoever is the smartest or the fastest, will get the carrot.” He said this like three times, after the third time I just run for the carrot. The audience let out the biggest laugh I’ve ever heard.

I found this out after I get back to my seat - apparently, as I’m running for the carrot, he looks at script...looks at me...then back the script pretending to look for where I was suppose to do that in the script. When I get back to my spot with the carrot, the next thing he says is, “get the carrot.” The audience let out another huge laugh.

Then I said, “you said who ever was the smartest or fastest.” He just smiled and  nodded because it basically was true. So after that he says I have a message for you since you are are the one who got the carrot.

So after I got the carrot, he looks at the script looks at me and laughs and says “I’m so sorry!”  Every profanity word you could think of came out of his mouth. He stops and says “my father would kill me if he heard me talking to a woman like this.” My response, “my father would kill you if he heard you talking to me like that.

When I got back to my seat, my friend was in tears because she was laughing so much and she said if she didn’t know me she would have thought I was a part of the show!

Even other audience members were coming up to me and saying what a great job I did. It was one of the best days of my life!

Thanks for reading!

Meghan D.

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