Theatre Production Merchandise Information

Thank you for allowing us to provide promotional clothing items and other swag for your upcoming show! We are excited to be a part of it!

As you may have heard, we offer ridiculously low prices on merchandise for legitimate theatres, schools and other performing arts programs without a minimum order amount. Let's face it, $8 for a custom shirt is crazy. RIGHT?!

So, we're sure you're wondering how we can stay in business by only charging 8 bucks for one shirt. Well, the answer is, we can't. There's no way! $8 won't even turn on a laptop. You see, we're able to provide this ridiculous offer by way of the other items we sell online. Truth be told, our unique clothes like the Shakespeare Hamlet, Les Miserables Cosette and awesome sneakers collections are what keep us going. They help us make up for the losses on an $8 shirt. Besides, they're cool! They turn heads wherever they are worn.

So, in exchange for offering your group a shirt for only 8 bucks - or whatever you decide to charge - we hope that you will sincerely encourage your cast, crew, friends, family and all of those Facebook acquaintances you've never met to order something else while they are shopping online with us. After all, they're really helping you get a heck-of-a-deal on some great swag for your group!

So, with that said, we can't wait to get started on your merchandise. Please provide the information below and we'll get going right away and ...


The "Geek"